I’ve been listening to this song a lot recently, Halfway Off The Balcony by Big Sean. In the song, he has a line that states “I realized when it comes to girls that chemistry means way more than anatomy.” I just feel that I connect to that. I used to go around thinking physical needs are more important. Those urges, more important. But as I kept putting girls’ anatomy before chemistry, I grew less and less. I needed a break. I started putting chemistry ahead of anatomy, and thus became a happier person. I was able to build connections through intellectual conversations instead of physical relations. I felt as if I was gaining more from it than just a small connection with a person for self-benefit.

In addition, to learning the hard way to put chemistry before anatomy, is that when people talk about love we only think of the pretty parts of love, people don’t think about loving themselves and how difficult it takes to know yourself to love¬†yourself. That’s just a conversation to have. To figure out what makes you happy, what will make you love yourself is to just try new things and adventure. Literally go anywhere, do anything. Find what makes you happy by searching for it. It’s not going to drop onto your lap. You have to get up and go find it. Make it your goal to be happy and I promise you that you will find what makes you happy. You will most definitely find yourself.


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