We’re Broken People

So as of lately, I’ve been thinking a lot. When I say a lot, I mean like, too much. However, people with the mental illness that I have, know what I mean when I say that. Examples of what I’ve been thinking of is how people can use people for their own self-benefit, then just dropping them like “no hard feelings“, or “I never said we were anything other than friends.“, and it really bothers me to see that happen to people. However, the pain I get when I see people do that to other human beings is depressing.

We live in this society where we love things, and use people. When it should be backward. We as humans should love each other and use things. Because things will always be there for you at the end of the day, but will your friends, partners, or parents? We need to focus more on building relationships with people and not with things. These things are damn near useless. What real value does that thing give you? I think that if you were to meet 2 different people, one that values people, and one that values things. I guarantee that the person that values people is a much happier person. Because people can talk, we can relate, ponder, share ideas, give feedback, give advice, give love, we can literally do so much more than what your golden watch, a nice car or house can do for you. You may be happy to have those things, but you have no people to share it with. So what happiness do you really have? If you spend all your time trying to get things, you’ll never have time to find who you are, or build these meaningful relationships. As a person, we should know who we are, and what we want. We shouldn’t date someone to gain happiness. We should date someone that is going to enhance you as a person. You must first be happy¬†with yourself if you want to be truly happy with someone else. If you’re not happy. Find help. Ask for help. Just do all you can do to your ability to help yourself become happy. Just talk.

I lost a friend to suicide because he didn’t talk. I think about him and miss him every day. He was the happiest person anyone could ever know. But he never talked about what was wrong with him. Everyone thought he was happy. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. So he decided that the world would be better without him, and the amount of self-hate¬†and sadness for someone to go through to do such a thing is miserable to hear about. To think that your friend is fine, and is happier than you, then to hear the next day that he’s dead. It’s life changing. So I write this to share with you that you shouldn’t wait. You should really build meaningful relationships so that you are able to talk to someone, and are overall a happy person.



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