Minimalism Day 7

What defines beauty? Beauty is different to everyone. Each person has their own “type” and what they look for in their significant other. So can beauty even be defined? I think personally, that beauty is a wonderful thing. It’s a wonderful word to use to describe a person or thing. But at what point does it actually need to be a qualification. A lot of people in our society today bash on each other by the way the other looks. It’s sad. It’s not like they can control what happened to them. It’s genetics or their class in society. They don’t get to choose where they get to be born, or where they grow up. However, they have a chance to change it. When they grow older, they have the chance to decide whether or not they want to stay where they are at in life. As they grow older they have the chance in school to try hard at what they want to be when they grow up. I think that’s what’s most important. Focusing on dreams. Helping each other achieve those dreams. Instead, most people just watch the other fail. They feel bad for them, and give them a like on facebook to help them. But does that really help them? Instead, try talking to the person, see what you can do to improve their life. Maybe, they just a place to stay for a little while, so that they can get back on their feet. Maybe they’re just hungry and need food to eat. Maybe they just need some wisdom. Who knows. But instead of that like, or retweet. Actually, do something. 

Thus, brings day 7 a.k.a 1 week of the Minimalism Challenge. Today marks the day I lose the challenge. Today I was unable to give up things that I have no need for. Essentially, everything I now own has a purpose. I feel as if I didn’t fail, I got rid of everything I didn’t need or use. It feels great knowing that I now can live a more meaningful life, with less stuff.

However, I will be continuing to blog about things that matter to me. But will be weekly instead of daily.


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