Minimalism Day 6

How much are your clothes actually worth to you? A lot of people seem to think that having that name brand shirt, or jacket will make them seem more acceptable to society. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why buy a “Supreme” shirt for 98 dollars, when in reality it’s just a white t-shirt with a small box logo. The logic there astounds me. I hate how there’s always this stigma to fit in. Growing up I always felt like I needed to fit in, and it sucked because it wasn’t who I was. But once senior of high school came, I said enough. I became my own person, wore what I thought was cool, and acted how I wanted to act. Once I realized that it doesn’t matter what other people thought of you, I almost immediately became a happier, more joyful person. Senior year of high school is one of my favorite years of school yet.

However, today is day 6 of the Minimalism Challenge. I have decided to give up 6 shirts that I really don’t use that often. I decided to get rid of these things because:

  1. Overly expensive because of a logo.
  2. Do not use them.

But I am sure that someone will like them to be able to show off to their friends. Though defeats the purpose of me hating it. It may seem like I’m supporting it but doesn’t matter because they get to have clothes, which they probably didn’t have before.

Thus brings me to ask you: If something you do is for good, yet goes against your beliefs, is it worth it? I think that is worth it because I believe that I should always put people’s needs in front of mine.


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