Minimalism Day 5

 Should you try to live a happy or meaningful life? This question has had me thinking for hours. I feel I’m trying to live a happy life, but am I happy? I want to live both a meaningful and happy life. But I feel I should start with living a meaningful life. Living a meaningful life seems more interesting to me. I want to be able to tell a story. My story.

Day 5 of the challenge is my most incredible day yet. This is because of the 5 things I m giving up. My top 5 favorite fast food restaurants. I’m not necessarily doing this to torture myself, but rather to get rid of the pointless things. I mean honestly, what do I gain from buying fast food? I gain a full stomach, but I can do that for cheaper and healthier alternative.From my understanding, I gain unhealthy habits from fast food. Example being, gaining weight, and massive amounts of spending. You gain this unhealthy habit of just spending and, but for what? They’re selling you a product that costs them maybe a dollar? and you’re spending 3-4 dollars for it? That’s a 300-400% margin. I mean why do you think they have a dollar menu? Most likely because it only costs them 60 cents. An example of this could be McDonalds’ dollar menu, why do you think McDonalds’ is so successful? McDonalds’ is the most widely seen ad I have seen in my lifetime. Always trying to sell you a “happy meal”. Their target audience is mostly kids. Which I feel is evil. Do you think a kid has money to buy the meal? Do they work jobs? No. Thus, bringing me to the opinion that it’s evil. They appeal to the kids so much that they throw tantrums because they couldn’t get a”happy meal” because they know that the parents have money to buy it for them. I feel like that’s wrong for them to do. They’re giving kids bad habits, of always wanting things. Instead of the want want want, I feel they should give. It is fine to want, but great to give. I feel ecstatic when I see someone light up as they receive a gift from myself. I don’t expect anything in return, and I feel that’s what the best part is.

Thus leaves me to ask you this: Do you think that advertising to children is evil? 


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