Minimalism Day 4

Indiana’s homeless has a high percent of people living on the street. I read this from a credited site (chipindy), and it made me feel like we should make more of an effort as a community to help these people. I feel like we should not only give them somewhere to stay but help them get jobs. However, I feel jubilant that I am able to help. On day 3, I gave up 3 pairs of shoes to homeless teens specifically. I did that through an organization called Outreach inc. If you are wanting to do the same you can do it there. They’re a great program, and actually want what’s best for kids.

“There was a substantial decrease, 31 percent, in persons living on the street (unsheltered).” -Lisa DeHayes ChipIndy

Today is Day 4 of the Minimalism Challenge. Today I have decided to give up my wax warmer, night stand, backpack, and a case of movies/CDs. I have decided to give up these 4 things for numerous reasons. I gave up my wax warmer because I don’t even use it as much. I haven’t put any wax in it, and it’s just sitting there taking up space. My nightstand, however, was being used. But after doing a spring cleaning in January, I no longer have any use for it. I had coords stuffed in it and other pointless items. I decided to give up my backpack that I have because I have multiple backpacks. The one I’m giving up is just old and I have no more use for it. However, my case of movies, and CDs, are probably the most interesting thing I will give up. The reason I’m getting rid of them because I digitalized them all. I have iTunes and put all my stuff on there. But getting rid of it was kind of interesting. I felt this connection to them, to the physical copy. Which makes no sense. The memories I have with them aren’t physical. But for some reason, I felt this connection to them. Something about being able to touch something that has given me happy and joyful memories. But the memories are still here with me. My favorite band is still my favorite band. However, today I hit a writer’s block. I had no idea what I wanted to write about, and how I wanted to write it. I also in a sense I guess you can call it a minimalist block, during this challenge. I had no idea what to give up. Then it hit me. Sitting in my room listening to my music, sitting on my bed, with a blank page on my screen. This is what I want to do, this is what I want to get rid of.

Thus brings me to ask you: Have you ever had a blank mind, not being able to know what to do? I feel that way a lot, but today it actually hit me. It hit me out of nowhere while sitting in the local coffee shop. Knowing instantly that I feel like this way too often.


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