Minimalism Day 3

Do you ever lose something and are devastated because you lost it, But after time passes, you no longer even think about that thing anymore? That’s exactly how I feel right now, except I’m still devastated. I think I wanted these things more than I needed them. However, I’m still working on managing my greed for things.

Today is Day 3 of the Minimalism Challenge. Today I give up 3 things; I have decided to give up 3 pairs of shoes. I have 8 pairs, which only 3 are used constantly. So I figured I should donate themTherefore, those 3 pairs of shoes,will be given to people that don’t have nice shoes, or hopefully to people that have no shoes at all. I hope that these 3 pairs will go to people that need them, not people that want them. In conclusion, I feel very lucky to have shoes, knowing that my feet will be protected, and warm. I constantly hear this saying all the time “Put yourself in their shoes.” But everytime I hear it, I think. What if they don’t have shoes? I never actually say that because they would understandably get upset, thinking that I was joking about the situation. Although, I’m not.

Thus, bring me to a question: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your lifetime? I still to this day face my biggest challenge. Depression. Every day is a battle, sometimes big, sometimes small. However, this challenge for me makes me feel like I’m alive. That I’m human.


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