Minimalism Day 2

24 hours later. The world is still turning. I feel relief from always wanting to watch t.v. This sense of relief feels so satisfying, knowing that I don’t have to watch t.v. Instead, I actually read the news today and I already feel like that I retained the information further.

Therefore, that brings me to day 2 of the challenge. Today I must give up 2 items. These items are things that I’ve wanted for a long time. However, once I received these items, I genuinely felt that I didn’t want them. I can’t explain why but could be because of the idea of having the best new things. Essentially it let me immerse myself into their reality. It helped me escape from everything and become that person, and indulge myself into their story. It made me feel great, knowing that I could escape. But now I don’t want to escape. I want to face it head on.  I’ve been running from it for so long I, in a sense, forgot what I was running from. So essentially, I began thinking, when did this all start?  I came to the conclusion that I was running from things that had to do with any type of conflict. An example of that would be my depression. Instead of fighting it, I ran from it, and I feel that it’s the most common way to deal with depression. Trying to escape it, is inevitable. Because depression can run much faster than you think it can. It always catches up.

Out of curiosity, I ask you this: What’s one thing you always wanted, but once you got it, no longer wanted it? For me, it was the newest console, video game, or essentially any gadget. However, I quickly realized these things don’t add any value into my life.


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