Minimalism Day 1

Minimalism. What is it? The common misunderstanding of being a minimalist is that you are to get rid of everything except for the basic needs; food, shelter, and clothes. However, that isn’t true. For me, minimalism is getting rid of all the excess things I have. Before minimalism, I had a void to fill. To fill that void I would buy things left and right. I thought the more things I buy the more I would be happy. However, that was not the case. I realized this just last night. I was up all night thinking, am I really happy? The answer was no. So I decided to do some research. I asked myself why am not happy? Is it because of my depression? I quickly answered, NO. I then came to realize that I’m always trying to be happy with things, instead of being happy with what I have. So I asked myself, what can I do? What will make me happy? I stumbled upon minimalism. I read into it. I fell in love with the concept immediately. I was infatuated by the idea of being able to actually be happy. Therefore, here I am day 1 of being a minimalist.

In conclusion, for my first day of being a minimalist, I am going to start a game. The 30-day minimalist challenge. For each day that goes by you get rid of something, and by each day you’ll be getting rid of more and more. Example being, Day 1, get rid of 1 thing. Day 2, get rid of 2 things. So on and so forth. So for Day 1 of being a minimalist, I will be getting rid of the one thing that I constantly use. Television. Yes, I will be no longer using television for anything, news, entertainment, etc. Instead, I want to read about news, I feel that I will become more intelligent with reading instead of listening to someone tell me what’s the news. This is because I feel with reading you think more, I feel you have a better sense of the information you are attaining.

Thus, leads me to ask you this. What is something that you use constantly? Why do you use it so much? What real value does it actually give you? I ask these questions because I asked them myself. It made me realize that my television really doesn’t give me any real value. I constantly used my t.v. and I used it so much because I wanted to see what’s going on in our world. I then realized that t.v. is just mostly ads. People constantly trying to sell you things, making you feel that you need it, making you feel that you are left out if you don’t have it.



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